Courage Kenny Cards seeks artwork for next holiday season
Artists could see their creations become cards that support people with disabilities!
Courage Kenny Cards is conducting a national art search to find artwork for the next holiday card collection. To date, Courage Kenny Cards has raised more than $6 million for Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. All artists, especially those with a disability, are invited to submit works to Courage Kenny Cards Art Search.
Since the first card was sent in 1958, Courage Kenny Cards have been a way for people to show they care about their relationships with business customers, friends and family – as well as people with disabilities.
Courage Kenny Cards seeks art suitable for holiday cards including traditional Christmas and Thanksgiving images. Major city scenes, world peace and ethnic diversity artwork is also requested. Two-dimensional artwork is selected based on artistic merit, suitability of subject and color. The Courage Kenny Card collection features a wide variety of cards with traditional and modern images and messages, city skylines, winter landscapes and religious art.
A $400 licensing fee will be paid to the artist for each piece of artwork chosen, in addition to national exposure through the distribution of more than 600,000 catalogs and promotional pieces, radio, TV, Internet and print advertising. Entries may now be submitted online.
Artist Call for Entry Details and Application
Call 1-888-413-3323 or email