Dreaming While Awake

  • Katerina Theodosiou
  • 40 Centimeter x 40 Centimeter


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  • Katerina Theodosiou
  • 40 Centimeter x 40 Centimeter

About the Artist

Katerina Theodosiou

My art mainly illustrations in figurative style drawn in a very personal style - explores the tension between the inner thoughts and their outer expression. And how this tension is channeled /expressed in relationships and bonds or every kind. Each work is a Visual Story - a path of personal exploration throughout my feelings and/or stories and feelings of other people. Sometimes subtly hidden within the artwork in layers for the imagination of the viewer to uncover and to interpret (the artwork) as they want. My work is also inspired by my everyday struggles with my condition- with epilepsy.A great deal of my inspiration comes from music, theater, cinema and literature, mythology and folklore. I work mostly on paper, with pencil, markers and ink, but I do like to experiment with other materials or mediums or even other creative areas; like photography, leather making , costume and set design.

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Dimensions 5485653 × 5482654 in
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