Light Works Burst & Comets Spew

  • 11 Inches x 14 Inches


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  • 11 Inches x 14 Inches

About the Artist

Abstract Graffiti Expressionist, mixed media artist, and poet, the artist is the copyright holder to the art performance of Spit Painting©. Artist is multidisciplinary adept in fine arts, poetry, and merging of mediums. Artist was diagnosed with Complex PTSD caused by childhood abuse during their year at Columbia College Chicago. The abuse ultimately rewired the artist's brain causing a learning disability. The artist was formally taught how to learn at 21 years old. During their year in art school, the artist discovered their art performance technique, Spit Painting©. What started as an exploratory assignment of using nontraditional art materials as tools, Spit Painting© turned into an innovative abstract artist's performance technique. The technique is performed by mouth using various style straws to suck in paint and ultimately display the breath in color on canvas/preferred medium. Burst size is dependent upon desired straw size, allowing for endless eruptions of color.

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Dimensions 5485653 × 5482654 in
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